Matterport 3D Virtual Tours

Explore our Matterport 3D Virtual Tour across categories in India. These are beyond traditional 360 virtual tours and In a span of one year we have successfully delivered 50+ Matterport Virtual Tours with a 100% satisfaction rate. Receiving repeat orders and referral enquiries has also helped us in delivering the best Matterport Virtual Tours in India. 

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These are Matterport virtual tour projects that we had most fun shooting and also the most liked by our visitors, clients and prospects. We ensure most of our commercial and residential projects get integrated on google maps and by doing so we ensure lot of visitors see our client’s spaces via street view. All our virtual tours are created with Matterport Pro 2 and the following once are some favourites. P.S – these are as of feb 2022. If you are a frequent visitor to our site, you will find lot more 360 virtual tours getting added to the popular list.


Experience the future of property viewing with Pexels360’s Matterport Virtual Tour service, specifically designed for luxury villas and bungalows. Utilizing the advanced capabilities of Matterport’s 3D technology, we bring every nook and cranny of these opulent properties to life, allowing prospective buyers and renters to virtually walk through them with unparalleled realism. Navigate through plush living rooms, gourmet kitchens, and sumptuous bedrooms—all without leaving your own home. With a keen eye for detail, our team ensures that these digital replicas are true to form, capturing not just the layout but also the unique ambiance and luxurious features that set these properties apart. Pexels360’s Matterport Virtual Tour service is not just a viewing experience; it’s a virtual journey that transforms beautiful physical spaces into their true digital counterparts.


Elevate your property viewing experience with Pexels360’s Matterport Virtual Tour service for sample flats and model apartments. Leveraging the state-of-the-art Matterport 3D technology, we meticulously transform these carefully designed spaces into lifelike digital replicas. Navigate seamlessly through modern kitchens, elegant living rooms, and cozy bedrooms from the comfort of your own home. Our precise 3D mapping not only provides a realistic layout but also captures the aesthetic details and ambient nuances that make each flat unique. Ideal for prospective buyers and investors, Pexels360’s virtual tours offer an immersive experience that serves as a powerful decision-making tool, removing the limitations of geographical distance and time constraints. Choose Pexels360 to virtually step into your future home today.


Pexels360 has made remarkable strides in revolutionizing the Retail and Luxury Store segment through their Matterport 3D Scanning work. Their innovative approach to visual content creation has enabled retailers to showcase their products in captivating ways, captivating the attention of potential customers. By offering a vast library of high-quality 360-degree images and videos, Pexels360 has empowered luxury brands to create immersive virtual experiences, allowing customers to explore products in detail from the comfort of their homes. This not only enhances the online shopping experience but also drives engagement and boosts sales. Pexels360’s dedication to delivering cutting-edge visual solutions has undeniably transformed the way retailers and luxury stores connect with their target audience.


Since inception, 80% of our work has been into residential real estate (New live projects and resale homes alike). Matterport virtual tours is the best way of marketing and showcasing residential units of different types. Our work has helped builders and developers garner better marketing strategies and reaching larger set of users. It is a great mix to have (Online and Offline). Going virtual helps individual home owners too to sell faster or to simply preserve a digital copy of their home as memory.


360 virtual tours are not uncommon. Our immersive virtual tours using Matterport though, are new to the Indian market. Especially in commercial spaces there are great benefits starting from leasing, selling, showcasing, inspections, audits, project management or simply to go back and relate (in easy term – comparing before and after sort of). We cater to all types of commercial spaces starting from a small cafes to large factories to large corporate setups and everything in the middle.


There is more that one reason to use our Matterport India service for Vacation rentals and Airbnb spaces. One obviously being, it simply reduces efforts in explaining potential travellers about your space. Imagine sharing a simple Matterport virtual tour link over sharing 10s of photos to your potential customers. It is definitely an experience winner. Adding to this, our 360 virtual tours being immersive in nature speaks of reality (virtually of course) this builds trust in travellers. They know what they are exactly going to experience in reality. They know before hand what to expect from the space that are going to book for their stay. More carefully observed reasons can be found in our article here.


Matterport Virtual 3D Tour of your coworking space is the best way to utilize your sales and marketing efforts wisely. Many co-working spaces and managed offices can our services to help them achieve higher occupancies by marketing their spaces with more experience oriented approach. Other spaces that can use our 360 virtual tour services are new launch office spaces during their opening ceremony, bareshell and warm shell office spaces wanting to sell or lease.


There is a stiff competition in the travel and tourism industry. With ample supply options amidst recovering demand, it happens to be of great importance that hotels and resorts adopt virtual reality. Travellers on average explore more than 10 stay options to finally book one. Also, expectation setting needs to be sorted so that even after great service you don’t miss that one odd star in the ratings. Our 360 Virtual Tours use Matterport immersive technology so that travellers can be in the space virtually before getting their physically. So here’s the thing, if you are confident of your property’s quality, boast about it. Take it virtual, convert your traditional web page into a virtual showcase. Read more in this article.


One of every three resale homes that we scan, sells faster and at a higher premium. Plus, with great selling and buying experience. Resale homes are one of the most difficult real estate units to sell because they are used spaces. If owners do not share sufficient and satisfying visuals of their homes, the potential buyer may turn back. Our Matterport tours are 360 tours agreed but they are immersive in nature built by measuring 3D depth of the space. The furniture and interiors are shown as they are. A visitor with or without VR headset can experience a virtual site visit of your home. This makes shortlisting faster, decision making faster and ultimately selling faster.


Visit captivating Museums and art galleries safely from home with a Matterport 3D virtual tour. We practically bring museum’s artifacts, collections, and historical exhibits to life to the delight and wonder of the virtual world. There are 2 ways to look at this. One being, people who see things virtually would curiously want to be there physically. This translates to future prospective footfall. Secondly, since sharing our 360 virtual tours are as easy as breeze, one would tell another and soon enough you may find that the museum that is located in one corner of the world is popular destination globally. One another reason for having Matterport 3D virtual tour for museums and art gallery is to convert it into a potential virtual ecommerce platform. We can tag every sculpture, artifact and products on display with ecommerce links for visitors to interact and make a purchase.


Many big brands adopt to setting up Customer Experience Centres. They are a great way to offer businesses an effective way to engage with potential customers, showcase offerings, build brand loyalty and thereby increase trust, first hand experience and sales. Now businesses can also tap the online audience that is larger than the offline audience by enabling virtual reality. Creating Matterport virtual tour of existing physical experience centers is just a good way to duplicate the space at bare minimum cost. Thats like having one experience center but having to modes of footfall – Online and Offline. Going virtual with out 360 3D tours takes your physical experience center global. Yes, just like that, like a breeze.


Healthcare industry is booming and so is the competition on a rise. Patient’s and their families have a vast variety of clinical and hospital options available on the tip of their fingers. Our Matterport Virtual Tour solutions in India can help you cut the chase and acquire trust and faith of the customer first hand. Giving a virtual glimpse of your establishment feeds to great new user experience and thus leads to more patient walkins. Not to mention the immense visibility that follows with our Google Maps integration of the 3D virtual tour. Showcase your infrastructure and facilities with confidence by going immersively virtual today.


Whether you are reopening your educational establishment post-pandemic or wanting to have a greater impact in marketing your educational brand, our service can help. Matterport 3D tours are a great way for virtual viewing of your school, college, institute. Parents are now more concerned and conservative than ever. Showcasing your institute virtually means that you are opting to show your establishment on parent’s mobile and laptop devices. You are essentially helping them to make a wise decision in the comfort of their homes. We enable information feeding within the virtual tours (As much information as you like) including application form links, prospectus download links, life at your campus links and so on.


Custom Navigation Menu for Matterport 3D virtual tours and walkthroughs is the latest addition in our custom projects delivery suite. The customer navigation menu gives large spaces a cool and brand customized way of navigating through the entire project. This menu is especially preferred for large spaces where we have to create multiple Matterport Virtual Tour Models. This addon is ideal for large spaces like Hotels, Resorts, Hospitals, Universities, factories with multiple units etc. Dive into any of the below tours to experience the immersive 360 virtual tours and navigate seamlessly using the side menu. First use case being Residential real estate projects having to showcase multiple different types of units, features and aminities. Secondly, luxury hotels and resorts having multiple types of rooms and, features and amenities.