Deodar Cottage, Rajgarh, Shimla

True Digital Copies of Farm Houses and Cottages

At Pexels360, we specialize in capturing farmhouses and cottages using Matterport technology across India. Our service extends to projects nationwide, having already scanned over 12 lakh square feet of these idyllic spaces, delivering outstanding outcomes to our clients. On this page, you can discover some of the charming farmhouses and cozy cottages that we have meticulously scanned.


Elevate your property viewing experience with Pexels360’s Matterport Virtual Tour service for farmhouses and cottages. Utilizing the advanced Matterport 3D technology, we expertly transform these enchanting and serene spaces into vivid digital replicas. Wander seamlessly through sprawling country kitchens, charming living areas, and snug bedrooms all from the comfort of your own home. Our detailed 3D mapping not only presents a lifelike layout but also showcases the unique design elements and the warm, inviting ambiance that make each property distinct. Perfect for prospective buyers and investors, Pexels360’s virtual tours provide an immersive experience that acts as a powerful tool in the decision-making process, overcoming the barriers of geographical distance and time. Choose Pexels360 to virtually step into your future countryside retreat today.