About us

Crafting Virtual Experiences​

Here to take 3D Visualization and 3D Virtual Tours to another level. Real Estate of any type, residential real estate to any commercial space.Our landing into virtual space has been years of experience working in the real estate industry where we identified key problems and took one of many to solve. The problem of showcasing and presenting upcoming properties and live properties virtually with accuracy and precision. So that, visitors can see the property from anywhere with ease and visit it as if they were seeing it for real.

Chetan Kumbhar


Hello Everyone, My name is Chetan. At Pexels 360 our aim is to solve a simple yet impactful problem that is of showcasing a particular real estate piece as it is virtually. We create immersive 3D virtual virtual tours of physical properties to help property owners showcase, present, rent and sell fast and to help clients and visitors reduce physical site visits and reach at decision making faster.

Reach me at chetan @ pexels360.com with your details and I will ensure I reach you asap.

Shailesh Toraskar


Hello Everyone, My name is Shailesh. At Pexels 360 our key deliverable is an immersive 3D Virtual tour of any hysical real estate property. This reduces physical site visits and all the time and feasibility issues associated with it. 

Our 3D virtual tours and 360 photos help owners and their teams to sell or rent their space fast.

Reach me at shailesh @ pexels360.com with your details and I will ensure I reach you asap.