Experience Luxury and Convenience redefined at CasaGrand Zaiden, Bengaluru

Nestled within 3.69 acres of finely crafted land, CasaGrand Zaiden emerges as a beacon of luxury living, offering 286 uniquely designed premium apartments. This illustrious community is built with a large podium and is adorned with vast green spaces, harmoniously blending modern living with nature’s tranquility. The contemporary styled elevations of B+G+9 higher floors are uplifted by sophisticated lighting, enhancing both the building exteriors and the encompassing landscape, thereby fostering a sense of community and intrigue.

Highlighting Features:

  • Extensive Amenities: CasaGrand Zaiden boasts over 65 distinctive amenities, including an exclusive rooftop swimming pool, AV room, boxing corner, adventure wall, interactive water fountain, outdoor cafeteria, meditation lawn, pet park, and jungle gym, ensuring a diverse and enriching living experience.
  • Senior Citizen Friendly: Thoughtfully designed, the community also features senior citizen-friendly amenities such as a reflexology walkway, senior citizen court, and leisure seating, catering to the relaxation and well-being of the elderly residents.
  • Harmonious Living: The juxtaposition of modern architecture and lush green spaces creates a harmonious living environment, fostering a sense of community and well-being among the residents.


Casagrand Zaiden stands as a hallmark of luxurious living, meticulously crafted to offer a lifestyle par excellence. The project features a contemporary facade, complemented by 5-star interiors, presenting a harmonious blend of modernity and comfort. With a plethora of features and amenities seamlessly integrated, residents are bestowed with an unparalleled living experience. Every aspect of Casagrand Zaiden is designed with precision, ensuring that luxury is echoed in every detail. The project is duly recognized and registered under RERA No: PRM/KA/RERA/1251/310/PR/120423/005862, further information on which can be accessed at Karnataka RERA.

Amenities at Casagrand Zaiden:

At Casagrand Zaiden, luxury transcends into every aspect of living, offering a suite of amenities that cater to both convenience and leisure. The meticulously planned amenities ensure that residents of every age find activities and spaces that resonate with their lifestyle, thereby creating a harmonious living environment. From dedicated play areas for children to sports facilities and tranquil outdoor spaces, every feature is designed to elevate the living experience.

Indoor Amenities:

  • Kids Play Area: A secure and fun space designed for children to play and socialize.
  • Indoor Games Room: A room dedicated to a variety of indoor games for entertainment and recreation.
  • Board Games Corner: A cozy corner featuring a selection of board games for all age groups.
  • Video Games Corner: A modern space equipped with the latest video games for digital entertainment.
  • Adventure Wall: An exciting feature that offers a safe and thrilling climbing experience.
  • Kids Ball Pool: A colorful and engaging ball pool for children to enjoy.
  • Association Room: A dedicated room for community meetings and gatherings.
  • Laundry/Ironing Shop: On-premise laundry services for the convenience of residents.
  • Drivers/Maid Dormitory: Accommodation facilities for drivers and domestic helpers.
  • Drivers/Maid Toilet: Separate sanitation facilities for drivers and domestic helpers.

Outdoor Amenities:

  • Dropoff Plaza: A well-designed space for vehicles to drop off residents safely.
  • Amphitheatre: An outdoor venue for performances, gatherings, and community events.
  • Swimming Pool: A luxurious pool for relaxation, exercise, and leisure.
  • Kids Pool: A separate pool designed for the safety and enjoyment of children.
  • Waterfall Feature: A tranquil waterfall feature that enhances the landscape.
  • Water Play Jets: Fun and interactive water jets for playful outdoor activities.
  • Pool Side Lounges: Comfortable lounges for relaxation by the poolside.
  • Half-Basketball Court: A dedicated space for playing basketball.
  • Cricket Practice Net: A facility for cricket enthusiasts to practice their skills.
  • Futsal Lawn: A well-maintained lawn for playing futsal and other outdoor games.

And the list goes on, with many more amenities designed to cater to the diverse needs and preferences of the residents, ensuring a holistic and luxurious living experience at Casagrand Zaiden.


Strategically situated, Casagrand Zaiden enjoys a prime location with excellent connectivity to various modes of transportation, ensuring that residents can commute with ease and convenience. The proximity to Silk Institute Metro Station, just 2 minutes away, and Talaghattapura Metro Station, a mere 7 minutes away, facilitates quick access to different parts of the city. Additionally, the well-connected Banashankari Bus Stand is 18 minutes away, providing an array of bus services to various destinations. For those travelling out of the city, the KSR SBC Bengaluru Railway Station is accessible within 35 minutes, making inter-city travel hassle-free. The advantageous location of Casagrand Zaiden not only enhances the living experience for the residents but also contributes to the overall value of the property.



Embarking on the journey to acquire a luxurious dwelling at Casagrand Zaiden is a straightforward and customer-friendly experience. Interested buyers can visit Casagrand Zaiden for a comprehensive insight into the property, book a visit, or take a 3D virtual tour of the sample flat for a detailed perspective of the exquisite interiors and design. Additionally, the dedicated sales team at Casagrand is readily available to assist with any inquiries or facilitate the purchasing process, and they can be reached via call or WhatsApp. With a commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction, Casagrand Zaiden ensures a seamless and transparent purchasing experience, bringing you a step closer to your dream home.


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