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Sell fast, rent fast Or Simply preserve memories.
Whether you own a small unit apartment or a lavish bungalow, we can help you with a Matterport virtual walkthrough tour of your sweet home.

Matterport's Immersive 3D technology

There's no place like home and we help you with a virtual copy of your home. Whether you want to sell it, rent it or just preserve it for memories, our Pexels360 Matterport 3D scanning is built to cater to all types of residential units. Our portfolio projects consists of Flats, apartments, villas and bungalows. Imagine you boosting your listing with a virtual 3D tour of your space. This means your entire house is online, accessible to potential clients from the comfort of their home. And as good as real.


Home owners face issues of standardized photos, property video and a good quality property listing.


Home owners send atleast 12 photos on an average to their clients via whatsapp or other channels.


or more Home owners lose deals due to poor display of their property or incomplete information.


Our Immersive 3D Virtual tours not only enhance your property listing but also provide with standardized photos and video promos that help you with better visibility. Imagine you sharing just a single web link instead of loads of photos to clients. Thereby improving the client experience. Buyers and potential tenants may not necessarily be from the same city where your property is located. Hence, to simplify and help your potential buyers, we recommend you have a Matterport 3D virtual tour of your property. This handy link can then be shared with anyone around the globe. Your property will be seen by buyers as it is 100%. Of coarse, you have the option to hide unwanted areas of your home and also blur out sensitive information. You are essentially help clients reduce initial site visits, save cost and time on travel and enable them to shortlist your property faster. That is why our Matterport 3D virtual tours are beyond just photography.


Try any prominent location on a property listing site and you will find thousands of listings. Hence too many options to look at from the buyer's perspective. Standing out with our unique Matterport 3D virtual tour can be a key to getting visibility, easy property sharing and 100% property details inclusion within the walkthrough so that you do not waste time explaining everything to your enquiries. Our information tags feature does the work for you.  A user controlled walkthrough, good quality photos and a promotional video is all included in our service for an unbelievable pricing. Get the Matterport Pexels360 advantage today. With feature rich walkthrough tour and our other collaterals your property is sure to get a new virtual look, as good as real and as we call it - 'The Digital Twin' Explore below a brief video that explains all the features of our immersive 3D virtual tour. Feel free to contact us for a brief chat.


Showcase your spaces better. Add the walkthrough link in your property listing, embed it on your website, easily share the link via whatsapp or other social media.

Faster decision making - By reaching a wider audience with a virtual experience that is as good as real, help clients make your property shortlisting easier. Sell Fast, Rent Fast.

Reduced physical site visits. With the global worry of covid, we are about to see a long term new normal. Help clients avoid site visits and take the entire experience virtually.

Improved Quality of enquiries. Prospects that are tech savvy, with mobile first approach, you will find a change in the overall quality of leads.

Reach a larger audience virtually with an experience that is as good as a physical site visit.


Immersive 3D experience in virtual tour - Experience as good as a physical site visit.

User-controls to fly-through anywhere in the property.

Measurements - Users can use the measurement tool to measure the lengths of anything.

Multiple Floors scanning and switching for more detailed experience.

Play showcase reel for a quick tour.

Dollhouse / Birdseye and Floorplan view.

360 Degree Exteriors panoramas with easy navigation between exteriors and Interiors.

Blur Feature: Blur sensitive information within the walkthrough.

Unfurnished Residential Unit

They all look similar, isn't it? Yeah right. Imagine a buyer exploring unfurnished properties to buy or rent. He adds the filters like budget, amenities etc. and guess what, he is shown hundreds of property options that meet his criteria. Now what? How will he differentiate? Whichever property he is seeing, he sees similar sorts of photos, similar sorts of content. "Especially when it comes to unfurnished properties". This is a harsh truth. For a buyer it is not convenient. With so many options and filters shortlisting a property is difficult. More so difficult because the Buyer has to put in a hefty amount in the property to buy. Thus, giving convenience and simplified solutions to buyer might help. As much as possible. Reducing physical site visits by sending a Matterport virtual tour of your property might solve a great deal.

Furnished Residential Unit

At Pexels360 we create immersive 3D virtual walkthrough tours of all types of real estate properties and Furnished residential properties are most common in our portfolio. During these turbulent times of pandemic,we have successfully delivered virtual walkthrough tours of several beautiful residencies. Do check out the portfolio page to explore. Additionally, most of our clientele is that who wants to sell or rent their property. However our service is not restricted to that. If you want to preserve memories of your beautiful home, just as a memorabilia, contact us. we can help you with a virtual tour with high quality 3D output that will look as good as real. One such project that we did was Ayaansh residence in Mapusa where the owner was an occupant of the space, but all he wanted was to preserve the memories of the space which he designed himself.

Villas and Bungalows

We undertake all types of residential properties and villas and bungalows are our key project forte. Whether you have a vacation rental business or just want to sell or rent your villa or even just want to capture your lavish villa into virtual reality and preserve it as memories, we are here for you. With the capability to scan large areas and multiple floors, capturing the stairs and even terrace, our service is one of its kind. In the final walkthrough tour model your users and clients will be able to jump from one floor to another using our matterport floor switching feature. Or, they can even take stares. We can capture all or part of interiors (As you desire) and we can capture exteriors and club everything together to produce an awesome virtual walkthrough tour.